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La Coupe WISS

Every friday is a special day at The West Island Soccer School. After 4 days of learning and practicing exciting new skills and techniques, kids get the chance to compete in The WISS Cup!...


The WISS Soccer School's young prodigy Alehandro gives you a peak into his world of personal soccer training with the WISS....

Gazette – Juillet 2008

The West Island Soccer School (WISS) is a summer soccer camp designed to help kids become better and happier soccer players. Since 1999 we have designed well-rounded training programs to help teach kids various soccer skills (ball control, shooting, passing, movement off the ball, and...

Wiss en Afrique

Soccer Shirts for Africa! The West Island Soccer School is currently assisting Suitcases for Africa to collect used soccer shirts to send to schools in Kenya and South Africa. If you have any used soccer shirts to donate please contact us and we will forward...

WISS en Colombie

WISS co- founder Danny Anderson Travels to Colombia to learn about Colombian soccer culture...